Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Just Dance

During the pandemic, we have spent part of almost everyday outside our house.  Whether it’s playing sports or riding scooters/bikes or just going for a walk, the kids need time to play and run around. Sure, they would be content watching Peppa Pig, Dude Perfect, or some other YouTube videos when not in school, but we really need them to burn off some energy. They are at the age when physical activity is important. And by "the age," that applies to me too.

Now that it's winter and it's cold, there is not much motivation to go outside many days. And yes, this applies to me. I asked around for various physical activities we could do inside, and a friend suggested searching for Just Dance Kids on YouTube. For those not familiar, Just Dance is a video game where you dance along with various pop songs. It's been around since 2009 and is available to play on Wii, PlayStation, and just about every other platform. Even though we don't own the game, there are hundreds of Just Dance videos on YouTube. Here are a few of our favorites:

Now, I consider myself to be a decent dancer. I already shared that I made the cast of my high school musical in part because of a flawless dancing audition (and because they needed more guys). As you can see in the videos below, maybe I'm not that good of a dancer anymore. In my defense, I was only learning these dances for the first time when these were filmed. (Plus, I was unaware that the filming was taking place.)

Unlike his dad, 3 year-old Luigi has some potential!


Amy said...

You are a champion Israeli dancer!

Sean said...

I missed out in mentioning Israeli dance and taking a dance class in college as more proof that I was a decent dancer when I was younger!