Thursday, January 24, 2019

Learning Geography

After yesterday’s debacle where I wrote a blog post only to discover that I wrote a similar post on the exact same subject 9 years ago, I’m doubling down today. I listed to a local sports talk radio show today, and there was a discussion about the Senior Bowl where college seniors are essentially auditioning to be drafted by an NFL team. They mentioned some of the players on the North and South rosters and something didn’t seem right. I thought this sounded familiar, and sure enough, I wrote about my confusion about geography with this nearly 10 years ago to the day. Well, I’m expanding on this topic today!

Take a look at this map.

The locations in red represent colleges and universities for players on the "North" team. This includes players like Memphis running back Tony Pollard (please be related to former Steelers RB Frank Pollard!) and University of Southern California* linebacker Cameron Smith. Meanwhile, the blue locations are for players on the "South" roster such as Buffalo and Washington State quarterbacks Tyree Jackson and Gardner Minshew II, respectively.

You would think that the NCAA, an organization "dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes" would do a little better with making sure that students learned simple geography!

Join me tomorrow where I recap episodes of NBC's Hit Me, Baby, One More Time!

* Southern is in the name of the school!


Sir Jack Brabham Son said...

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Mike Garlick said...

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Sean said...

A newsletter would be a fun idea, but it’s not something that I currently do. Instead, just visit the blog multiple times a day to see if I wrote a new post! (The RSS feed thing works too!)