Thursday, June 28, 2018

My Life in Pictures: June 2018

The big news in my life is that 9-month old Luigi has discovered how to crawl. This is a game-changer! You can no longer just put him on the floor with some toys, go into the other room to get something, and come back. I mean, you can, but there's a decent change Luigi won't be where he was left. One of Luigi's favorite activities is trying to pet Ziggy. He LOVES Ziggy. While I think Ziggy enjoys the attention, he often seeks higher ground when Luigi is around.

I ride the Metro regularly, but in all my years commuting, I don't recall seeing someone take off their shoes. Why is this happening?

I attended The Moose's first grade performance a few weeks ago and had my phone ready to record his one speaking line. About 10 seconds before his line, my phone informed me that my storage was full, and I missed filming it. Fortunately, another parent from his class filmed it all and sent it out, so I can now watch him say "Someone get a nurse" anytime! Oh, The Moose is Chicken Little with a yellow chicken head in this picture.

Tony Bennett has over 19 Grammys and has had an amazing singing and performing career. I have no idea who Tony Bennette is. Someone at Fairfax Times missed this.

Last is Ziggy sleeping with Pedro Tulo. (Pedro Tulo is in the covers somewhere.)

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