Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Father's Day Message

Pedro Tulo's preschool class created a Mad Libs type of Fathers Day card. Here is what my 4 year old gave me on Sunday:

Ah, to be 28 again where I could sleep in on weekend mornings! I'm also not sure that I'm as tall as a foot unless it's the foot that went into the shoe where the old woman lived.

I understand that my job isn't the easiest to explain, but playing bad girl games is not part of my job description, even under the other duties as assigned category. With that written, if you know of any bad girl games, please send them along as perhaps I could use them for a staff development or teamwork activity.

My favorite part of this is the play with a saw and cut answer. I don't think Pedro Tulo has ever seen me use a saw, and I definitely would not let him use one himself. Does he think we're lumberjacks?

Oh, for future reference, my hair is not blue and pasta is fine though not quite a personal favorite.

I hope you had a nice Fathers Day!

Photo from Idlewild Park via TripAdvisor.

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