Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Colin Moran: The Coin Man

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated the Minnesota Twins 5-4 to remain undefeated through four games of the 2018 season. The Pirates scored all five runs in the first inning with four courtesy of a grand slam by one of the newest Pirates, Colin Moran.

Fun stat: Colin Moran is only the third Pirates player to hit a Grand Slam in a home opener. The others are Hall of Famers Ralph Kiner and Roberto Clemente. That's some good company.

After Moran hit the grand slam, the Pittsburgh Pirates twitter account sent out the following tweet:

Actually, the original tweet was: "CALL HIM THE MAN COIN MORAN!!!" It was quickly deleted but not before I saw it (though I wasn't quick enough to get a screen shot). I like The Man Coin as a nickname though The Coin Man is even better. So that's my suggested nickname for Moran. Just think of the possibilities. He "deposited" the home run into the right field seats. After making a nice defensive play at third base, he gobbled up the loose change. After a bases-clearing double, The Coin Man made it rain. Personally, I think The Coin Man nickname makes a lot of cents! (See what I did there?)

Wouldn't the post-game celebration for Moran be more fun with coins or at least chocolate gelt?

I hope this nickname sticks!

Photos by Justin Berl / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
Photoshop courtesy of Doug Vogel.

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