Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Trivia Wednesday

I didn't have a chance to post this yesterday, so instead of Trivia Tuesday, we're going to have Trivia Wednesday this week. Your challenge is to answer the questions below based on the maps.

1. This is a detail from a map showing the service area of what fictional New York organization?

2. This map shows the numbers of times each nation has done what?

3. Name the island shown in this edited Google Map image from March 2017.

4. Identify the event represented by this cartogram.

5. This map, updated in January 2017, shows the numbers of what in each state?

6. Whose name has been redacted from this map?

7. This is the main floor of what establishment?

8. This map (created for the Risk-like game Lux Delux) imagines a battle over what campus?

Please leave your answers in the comments section below. Good luck!

These questions are courtesy of the Just Images Maps mini-league of LearnedLeague.


MY said...

For #4, my guess is the Brexit vote. But I'm curious as to the answers for the rest!

Sean said...

Brexit is correct for #4. The others...

1. Ghostbusters
2. Played in the World Cup
3. Skull Island (from the recent King Kong movie)
4. Brexit
5. Presidential birthplaces
6. Peyton Manning
7. Luxor
8. Google