Friday, June 17, 2016

Random Ramblings

There are times when I have a lot in my head that I want to share with the world (or at least the four people that still read my blog), but individually, this is not enough for a blog post. So please indulge me as I share my latest random ramblings.

1. My five year old (The Moose) signed up to play soccer this spring for a seven week season. Unfortunately, it rained nearly every weekend, so many games were cancelled. Last Sunday, we were all set for a make-up game. As we got The Moose into his shin guards, socks, and cleats (no easy tasks), I checked my email before we left. It turns out that the game was cancelled since it was too hot. I get that these are little kids, but it is still frustrating that my son only played 3 games in his first season. Fortunately, he doesn't seem bothered by this as he plays some sort of soccer almost every day at his preschool.

2. My cell phone tracks my steps when it is in my pocket. (I think this is what a Mandy Moore song was about.) My goal each day is 10,000 steps, and I usually end up in the 8,000-11,000 range. Last Friday, as I volunteered to help with Celebrate Fairfax festival set-up, I walked a whopping 28,000 steps nearly all during the 9 hours I was on site. Wow!

(Here's a video of the very random Mandy Moore reference)

3. I've been in a fantasy/rotisserie baseball league since high school (I may have mentioned this before) and am currently 2nd out of 12 teams this season. A new owner (currently in 3rd) pestered me with ridiculous trades over the past week, so I finally decided to make my own ridiculous trade offer back. I figured I would ask him for Colorado OF Carlos Gonzalez, one of the top players in the National League and certainly not someone you would trade if you're looking to win this season, for some prospects. Some very good prospects, but again, why would he trade away someone that will help me and hurt him this season? To my surprise, he said yes. A few days after the deal went down, I'm still uncertain about this move. If I win the league this year, it's a great trade. If not, I'm going to have some major regrets.

4. Before taking The Moose for a haircut the other night, he told me "You only have a little bit of hair left." Yeah, thanks, I already know this.

5. Finally, I took a picture of my two year-old's crib before he (Pedro Tulo) went to sleep last night. I have no idea how he sleeps in there.


Mom said...

Yes, I still read your blog!

Unknown said...

An so do I. Also for your sake I hope that CarGo doesn't get traded to the AL - Rob

Sean said...

Hi Mom!

Rob - Less than a week after the trade, I'm having major regrets.

Nichole Fisher said...

I feel like your 2 year old is trying to run some kind of book lending/stuffed animal zoo operation out of his crib.