Friday, May 06, 2016

Friday Video: Glass Tiger

Glass Tiger is by far more powerful than a paper tiger. They proved it making sure that you Don't Forget, um, Them When They're Gone. Sadly, I think people forgot them as their biggest song doesn't have 1 million views on YouTube. Nevertheless, this song popped into my head earlier this week, so now you get to enjoy it too (and help this song get 1 million views)!.

A few thoughts about the song/video:

- It's very clever that the lead singer takes off his sunglasses in the middle of the line, "If you could see what I have seen"

- Are there any men in the audience?

- I've always wondering if Bryan Adams sings back-up vocals in this song. It sounds like him. Both Bryan Adams and Glass Tiger are Canadian. Of course, I've never actually gone far enough to look this up.


Amy said...

I had just finished reading the very sad book Bridge to Terabithia when this song came on and I LOST IT - puddles of tears.

It is Bryan Adams on backup btw.

Sean said...

My blog has that type of effect on people!

Amy said...

That was a memory from back in 5th or 6th grade when this song was popular :).