Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Adam Ellick's Ithaca College Commencement Address

There's a very good chance you don't recognize the name Adam Ellick but you definitely know his work. Ellick is a New York Times correspondent whose reporting first brought Malala Yousafzai, now a Nobel Prize laureate, to the attention of the world. Ellick has spent significant time in Pakistan, Indonesia, Afghanistan, and, well, pretty much everywhere and gave the commencement address to Ithaca College on Sunday. Spoiler alert: This is a really, really good speech.

Not mentioned in Adam's address is that he met me nearly 21 years ago. Adam was a freshman at Ithaca College, and I was his Resident Assistant (RA). Adam was (and probably still is) a huge Philadelphia sports fan, and it really seemed like he was going to be a sports journalist. I will be forever grateful to Adam for letting me watch the 4-overtime Petr Nedved Penguins-Capitals playoff game in his room since he had ESPN2 while I did not.

Anyway, I realize that it was a lifetime ago, but it's incredible to see where Adam is now. It's well earned and deserved.

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