Monday, February 22, 2016

Sean Eats Incorrectly

A few months ago, I shared that I occasionally ate pizza bagels with ketchup instead of tomato sauce as a kid. This news nearly broke the internet with the outrage I received. So now I'm back with a new proclamation on how I eat incorrectly.

When I was in school, if you didn't get lunch from the cafeteria, you brought your meal from home and kept it in your locker. My two staples were either Hebrew National salami or cheese sandwiches. These sandwiches would sit in my room-temperature (if not warmer) locker for several hours before I ate them. I guess maybe some kids had ice packs or lunch bags that kept their meals cool, but I wasn't one of them.

Now that I'm an adult (by age though maybe not maturity level), I still regularly bring salami or cheese sandwiches from home for lunch. All these years later, I find that these sandwiches taste a little better if I don't refrigerate them. Essentially, my sandwiches sit in a Ziploc bag in my backpack for approximately five hours between the time I make them and eat them.

If this is supposed to make you sick, apparently, I've built up an immunity over the years. So am I alone on this one (again) or does anyone else eat sandwiches this way?


Ya Jagoff said...

I agree with this one 100%. Like you, I have been eating warm sandwiches since grade/high school. Warm salami and cheese, warm cheese (get this) and olive sandwich, even a warm (completely thawed out Arby's roast beef!.

Eat on sir.. eat on!

Eric Freed said...

Warm sandwiches? Yes. Me, too. Mine were usually bologna and ketchup. Stayed in a brown paper bag all morning in my locker. However, my palate has matured, even as the rest of me has not, and I now eat refrigerated sandwiches. I won't go back.

I'm still struggling with the whole ketchup pizza bagel thing, though...

Sean said...

Two votes for warm sandwiches (even if this first started in school)! I'll take it!

Melissa Firman said...

I'm with Eric Freed on this one. I don't think ice packs and the like were invented back in the '70s and '80s, my days of eating unrefrigerated sandwiches from my locker. How did we all survive? But today, I wouldn't dream of such a thing ... although there was something to be said for the taste of the warm sandwich.