Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hating Hillary Clinton

Eight year ago (8!?!?!), I wrote a post where I asked why people hate Hillary Clinton. Since the former Senator, Secretary of State and First Lady seems to be in the news quite a bit lately, many people seem to be asking the same question again. In just the first 45 days or so of 2016, here are keywords (generally through Google searches) of how people found Sean's Ramblings:

Is Hillary disliked by most American people

Specifically why do people hate Hillary Clinton

Why do people dislike Hillary

Why do people like Hilary Clinton

Why do people like Hillary Clinton

Why do people not like Hillary Clinton

Why do people not trust the Clintons?

Why do people think Hillary Clinton is evil?

Why do women hate Hillary Clinton

Why does everyone make fun of Hillary Clinton

Why does the younger generation not like Hillary

Why don't people like Hilary

Why dont people like Hillary Clinton

Why is Hillary Clinton disliked

Why is Hillary Clinton not liked

Why so many hate Hillary Clinton

Why to not like Hillary Clinton

young mail big nose actor

Hmmm...not sure how that last one got in here.


Unknown said...

Its not that I hate Hillary Clinton, I just think that she is unfit to be a candidate, much less a president. While Secretary of State she ran the State Department in whole or in part via an unprotected server. The unprotected server was open to hackers if they took the trouble to look. This means that the inner-workings of the Department of State was open to friends and enemies during her tenure. China's actions in the South China Sea; Russian aggression in the Ukraine, North Korean rocket/missile launch; the deal with Iran and their recent actions may all be explained by these countries having insight into the workings of the Department of State during Mrs. Clinton's tenure.
Don't forget that the identities and scope of clandestine activities might also have been compromised by hacking the Secretary of State's private server.
The presumption is that the purpose of circumventing the security measures mandated by her department was to keep Mrs. Clinton from being held accountable for her actions during her tenure at State. I can't speak to Mrs. Clinton's motives but I can appreciate the potential consequences of her actions.

Sean said...

These are all valid arguments, though my original post was from January 2008 before Clinton served as Secretary of State.