Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Truth In Advertising?

I received a coupon pamphlet in the mail recently featuring ads and deals for local businesses. While there didn't seem to be anything worthwhile, I couldn't help but notice this ad on the cover.

Apparently, Cheng's Asian House, a restaurant I never heard of, is the Best Rated Restaurant on Yelp. This seems like quite the claim. With no disclaimer, is Cheng's Asian House the best rated restaurant in the country? In Virginia? On Airline Parkway? So I went to Yelp for some answers.

Searching for best restaurants in Chantilly, Virginia, Cheng's is listed as #2 of 2272. That's really, really good, but not the best rated restaurant. That distinction goes to Megabytes Eatery. Searching Yelp for the best restaurants in South Riding, VA, the next door neighbor of Chantilly, Cheng's finished #7 of 414. Again, really good, but not the best. Curiously, Megabytes Eatery was not among the top 6 for South Riding.

Based on these results, I call on Cheng's Asian House to change its ads to be more accurate. One of the Best Rated Restaurants on Yelp may not be catchy, but it would be correct.

On a different topic, am I the only one who thinks of RUN-DMC's Run's House when I see the name Cheng's Asian House?

Who's House? Cheng's House!

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