Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thank You Pittsburgh by David Nelson

The Philadelphia Phillies recently traded 6-time All-Star and 12+ year veteran Chase Utley to the Los Angeles Dodgers. To thank the fans, Utley purchased ads in two Philadelphia newspapers to express his gratitude. I'm mentioning this because the Pittsburgh Steelers placed WR David Nelson on the team's Reserve/Injured List on Tuesday. Nelson spent time with the Buffalo Bills from 2010-12 and the New York Jets from 2013-14 before signing with the Steelers and played with the team for slightly more than 12 days. Since Nelson doesn't have the resources that Utley has and didn't have the tenure in Pittsburgh like Utley had in Philadelphia, instead of purchasing an ad in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Nelson is saying thank you here on Sean's Ramblings.

Thank You Pittsburgh

for the opportunity to play for this terrific franchise. Thank you to the Rooney family, Kevin Colbert and coach Mike Tomlin for giving me this chance to continue my NFL career. Thanks to the fans for realizing that I was not Jordy Nelson or Edmund Nelson, the former Steeler that worked as a color analyst for KDKA on the Steelers pre-season games prior to this season. I mean, I don't look anything like Edmund Nelson, so why did Frank from North Versailles and Joe from Dormont call me Edmund?

I'd like to thank my teammates and particularly my wide receiver compatriots. No, using the word compatriots doesn't make me a New England Patriots fan. Antonio Brown is the best receiver in the NFL, and I wish I had the chance to talk with him more to learn how he got those amazing abs. Markus Wheaton, DHB and Martavis Bryant are also class guys.

Heinz Field is such an incredible atmosphere. I mean I've seen it on TV and it would have been cool to have seen it as a member of the Steelers. Maybe the team will give me a souvenir Terrible Towel and let me wave it from a luxury box. 50-yard seats? Okay, the top level of Heinz Field is fine.

Finally, I hope that you will support my i'mMe Foundation, a non-profit organization on a mission to end the orphan cycle and change the lives of children. We have done important work in Haiti, and our mission is to bring the sustaining and empowering structure of family to the orphans of the world through care, prevention, and stewardship. Please check out our website at and follow the organization on Twitter.

Thanks again, Pittsburgh and Steelers fans across the globe.

(Full disclosure: This wasn't really written by David Nelson. Shocking, right? However, the i'mMe Foundation is real, so h/t to Behind the Steel Curtain for providing information about this great cause.)

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