Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Maybe A PG-13 Dinosaur Train?

During my recent haircut, the barber/stylist was making conversation, and somehow, the topic of my kids came up (as in my wife is watching the kids right now as I'm out gallivanting around town getting a haircut and going to the grocery store). It started with the typical stuff like gender, age, do they like snow, and then this happened:

B/S: What does your 3 year old like?

Me: Mostly dinosaurs and trains.

B/S: Awww. That's cute. Has he seen Jurassic Park?

Me: Um, no.

Now the barber/stylist is probably in her 20s and clearly hasn't spent much time around young kids. Dinosaur Train is much more of my son's speed than Jurassic Park, a PG-13 movie with scenes like this.

I mean, sure I let my infant watch Game of Thrones, but I don't think my 3 year-old is quite ready to see Jeff Goldblum in a movie.

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Christine Bruns said...

Just a tip - stay away from The Land Before Time, as well - had one of those great parenting moments where we thought "oooh, dinosaur cartoon movie - perfect!" and then remembered while watching just the beginning that's it's scary and pretty depressing. Our kiddo ran and hid.