Friday, March 13, 2015

I Love(d) Rax Too

Growing up, my family went to the Rax restaurant on Penn Avenue in Point Breeze/Wilkinsburg seemingly every week or two. While their signature item was Roast Beef sandwiches, the fast food chain also had a salad bar and a wide variety of other menu options. According to Wikipedia, Rax had over 500 locations in 38 states in the 80s, but is down to 14 as of March 2013 according to this Columbus Dispatch article.

However, according to this person's license plate, Rax is always in his/her heart:

Of course, maybe this plate belongs to a woman who loves Richard Adam Xavier.

Just for fun, here are two Rax commercials:

I miss Rax.

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redpenmama said...

We went to Rax in Erie every Wednesday. My mom golfed that night, and my father couldn't cook. Two words: chocolate pudding.