Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Publish or Perish: I'm Published!

In college and particularly grad school, I heard the phrase "publish or perish" on occasion. Basically, if you become a professor and want to get tenured, you must get published. If not, you're in danger of losing your job. While I'm not a college professor or play one on the internet, this phrase has stayed with me. I actually explain this phrase to my infant during nighttime feedings. I certainly hope that my wife turns off the monitor during these conversations.

Anyway, despite writing this blog for 10 years and having a dream of writing a book one day, I've never been published...until now. John Chamberlin of the Ya Jagoff! website recently wrote Above the Fries, "a culmination of silly, stupid jagoffery stories from the blog and a few un-published stories too." John asked to use my guest post about airport family restrooms (and also posted on my blog) as part of the book. I said that he could in exchange for $1 million.

He said no. Eventually, we settled on me getting a free copy of the book. Clearly, I won this negotiation!

So if you want to see my post in a paper (or Kindle) format, purchase Above the Fries from Ya Jagoff or Amazon today. Plus, you can read dozens of other stories from John along with an introduction by the legendary Rick Sebak.

You can also hear John's interview on HumorOutcasts Radio.

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John said...

Thanks Sean.. for the write-up AND for letting me use your guest blog post in the book! $1M sounds like a deal. I will write a check to you by the end of this week. However, I will post date it for January 16, 2049! Thanks again!