Thursday, December 26, 2013

Random Ramblings

- Over the past few days, my son successfully used the potty three times. This is a huge accomplishment, and one that I felt needed to be shared on Twitter.

Yes, I really did read The Washington Post Magazine's Date Lab to him on the potty. While I think he is headed in the right direction in becoming potty trained, I learned last night that there is still a long way to go. After sitting on the potty for 10-15 minutes without going while I read him books (and part of Date Lab), as soon as he got off the potty, he urinated on the towel on the floor.

- My car hit 100,000 miles near the Virginia-North Carolina border in March 2012 as part of my annual hockey road trip . My car just reached 110,000 miles a few days ago. Only 10,000 miles in 21 months is fairly impressive.

- Why is orange juice sold in a refrigerated section of grocery stores while apple juice is not?

- In the Yiddish language, the number three is dray. Yes, now every time you hear a Dr. Dre song, you'll think about him as Dr. Three.

- I planned on dedicating an entire blog post to the new online soccer referee recertification exam, but part of the annual recertification class involved a session on social meeting. We are not to discuss confidential information, so I cannot write that I'm going to work several matches in Brazil next year as part of a tournament that rhymes with Morld Pup.

- There are radio stations that play on Christmas songs in December, but why not a station that plays only love songs around Valentine's Day? How about stations that play summer songs in July (they could play Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince on a loop!) or Halloween songs in October (all Monster Mash, all the time)?

- Finally, I just learned that I know the person who coined the phrase Thanksgivukkah. Go Pittsburgh people!

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