Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fatherhood Update

With my son recently turning a year and a half, is it appropriate to say he's a year and half or do I need to continue giving his age in months (18 months, 19 months, etc.) until he turns 2? Regardless, this is a really fun age. After months of developing his scooting technique, my son has finally decided that walking is an excellent way to move around. Of course, there is still a learning process and he will only walk when and where he wants to walk. For example, during some of our neighborhood walks, he will stop to point at passing cars (he loves cars), to lay on a speed bump (I'm not a fan of this one), and to play with a leaf on the ground. He can (and does) easily spend five minutes sitting on the sidewalk playing with a leaf.

He also fully understands what's going on. When we say that it's dinnertime, he knows to go to his high chair. When we ask him to touch his nose, he sometimes points to his nose and sometimes points to his ear. Close enough. He also has the ability to ignore our requests. He has a wonderful laugh and smile and has a great sense of humor like his dad. He'll splash in the bathtub because he finds it fun and this makes me smile. At least up until the point where I'm wet and have to clean the mess.

The only frustration is his eating habits. He'll love bananas one day and throw them off his tray the next day. Although he loves hot dogs, he can't eat them everyday. (Yes, this is written by his dad who eats Hebrew National salami sandwiches five days a week.)

Just within the last week, my son has started giving hugs where he puts his head against my face and puts his hands around my neck. It is incredibly sweet and nice and just makes my day.

Finally, he is slowly learning to be gentle to Ziggy. Sure, the child will still push toy cars (and again, he loves cars) towards Ziggy causing Ziggy to seek higher ground, but he also started giving Ziggy hugs by laying his head next to Ziggy's body. Also very sweet.

Overall, fatherhood is treating me well. My kid is great, truly gets excited to see me and loves spending time with me. I have the same reactions with him.


Gilahi said...

You may or may not be pleased to know that today I am 663 months old.

Kaurie said...

His eating habits sound pretty normal for that age. Mine was like that and then at 2 she pretty much stopped eating anything that wasn't some form of a cracker (goldfish, Ritz, Cheez-it). But now that she's 3 she finally seems open to trying things, usually it's only a little bite but I'm hopeful that her curiosity will get the best of her and she'll start eating a wider variety of things very soon!

Sean said...

Gilahi - I am pleased to know that you are 663 months old. Any celebrations planned for the big 666 month birthday?

Kaurie - Good to know that his eating habits are normal. Not good to know that I should expect lots of crackers in the future.