Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Jaromir Jagr's Biggest Fan Pleads Guilty

Judging by this headline, it sounds like Jaromir Jagr's biggest fan (likely his mother) pleaded guilty to being Jagr's biggest fan. However, that's not the case. Here's the story from WTOP:

A suspect charged with spray painting the number "68" on more than 50 vehicles in Loudoun County has been indicted and plans to plead guilty, WTOP has learned.

Court records show Christopher Bolt is set to enter a guilty plea Friday to felony destruction of property as part of a plea deal.

The judge will determine the sentence for Bolt.

It is still not certain why Bolt sprayed "68" on the vehicles. However, the Loudoun County Sheriff says Bolt told detectives he tried to spray paint the number "69," but he crossed it out when it didn't look right and painted "68" instead.

Spray-painting vehicles with Jagr's 68 is much better than spray-painting the number 69 for former Washington Redskin & Denver Bronco (and current ESPN guy) Mark Schlereth.

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Anonymous said...

He is an upside-down Mike Comrie fan.