Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Three Questions

I need some advice. Let's go to the phones.

1. Do you have any suggestions on things to do if you have a 3+ hour layover at the Atlanta airport? Feel free to include some sarcastic answers, but seriously, where's a good place to eat if you have so much time available?

2. What should you see and do in Charleston, SC if you'll only be there for 2 days?

3. Hypothetically, let's say there is a company replacing your shower. In the process of the construction, there are now several loose tiles on the floor outside the shower that were not loose before the project started. When I, I mean, hypothetically, approached the company about this, you are told that it is not recommended to try to remove individual tiles throughout the floor since the installation is typical builders grade which means that everything will start to come loose when chiseling tiles out. Hypothetically, you are given an option to replace the entire floor for an additional sum of money. Do you have any recourse about trying to replace these loose tiles without paying to replace the entire floor which you don't want to do? Or are you now stuck with loose tiles?

Please leave your answer(s) in the comments section below. Thanks!


Gilahi said...

1. The airport is about a zillion miles from anything. If you leave the airport for a meal or a drink, three hours isn't long enough. There's a Houlihan's (I think) in the main terminal that has pretty good food and full bar. Eat and drink.

3. Bite the bullet and get a new floor, unless you want to take a chance on legal action against the shower installers.

lacochran's evil twin said...

If they caused the problem and they're not taking ownership of the problem and you don't want to push it, okay. But I certainly wouldn't give them more money. I'd try to patch the floor myself. Maybe have a chat with the Lowe's clerk in tiling and see what my options were. I wouldn't take their word for it that I needed a whole new floor. As the expression goes: You don't ask the barber if you need a haircut. A-yup.

Oh the other hand, you might want to go to the company owner to see if he/she is more reasonable. Or, if you know a lawyer who's willing to scare them with a note on lawyerly letterhead, it might be worth a go to get recompense.

Unknown said...

1. wait, do you have a 3 hour layover in atlanta to go to charleston? if so, rent a car at the airport and drive to the charleston airport to pick up your luggage...that would kill some time.

2. check out the arthur ravenel jr. bridge. and that is all i got for visiting charleston.

3. burn down the place and find another one. OR you could hypothetically go to the installers place and burn his house down. hypothetically...

ilyssa said...

3. call your brother. he's good at reporting people who are trying to do business unethically. i remember seeing him on tv a long time ago talking smack on the cable company or some other company. he'll know the route to go.
oh, and no ideas for 1 and 2. sorry! :)

Sean said...

All good suggestions, thank you! Well, except for burning down a house. You can't exactly put that in writing!