Wednesday, January 05, 2011

First 2011 Express Error

Happy 2011! To celebrate the New Year, I am proud to share the first Express error of 2011 in just their first edition of the year. The following chart was featured in the Monday, January 3, 2011 edition of Express:

This colorful chart is nice but not accurate. You see, the highest-seeded team to survive this weekend in each conference will play the #2 seed (Pittsburgh in the AFC; Chicago in the NFC) with the lowest seed playing at the #1 seed (New England and Atlanta respectively). Therefore, the winner of the New York Jets-Indianapolis Colts game does not automatically face the Steelers. If the Jets (#6) win, they will play the Patriots while the Steelers will meet either Kansas City or Baltimore.

The actual match-ups should look like this:

IND/BAL/KC at Pittsburgh (January 15th @ 4:30pm)
KC/BAL/NYJ at New England (January 16th @ 4:30pm)

SEA/NO/GB at Atlanta (January 15th @ 8:00pm)
PHI/SEA/NO at Chicago (January 16th @ 1:00pm)

I guess Express didn't want to create such a complicated chart! Those "Winner Plays" arrows are quite fancy.

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