Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

These may be the most random Trivia Tuesday questions ever posted here.

1. Better movie title: Snakes on a Plane or Hot Tub Time Machine?

2. FD 50, RT 90, FD 50, RT 90, PU. Do you know what this is from?

3. Trying to date myself even more, when are the visitors on the new version of V going to start eating mice like they did in the original version?

4. Last week, AMC aired the “premiere” of Spaceballs, a movie at least 20 years old and has been on video, DVD and television for years. Does AMC understand the word premiere?

5. Why does the NCAA Tournament start after 9:30pm Eastern time? I’m too old to stay up that late on a work night.

6. There are dozens languages spoken by humans. Are there also multiple languages “spoken” by birds? For example, can crows and cardinals understand each other? Do birds in Australia and Mexico speak the same language?

7. The New York Yankees have had more 100-win seasons than any other major league baseball team. What team/organization has the 2nd most 100-win seasons? (This is a bit of a trick question.)

8. Let’s say you are flying from the East Coast to the West Coast landing on the West Coast in the evening. Assuming you spent the entire Passover on the East Coast, does Passover end when the sun sets in the East or the West?

I think for this week, it's safe to use the internet for answers. As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below.


Anonymous said...

1) Hot tub Time Machine. everyone wants one of those.

2) I have no clue

3)Better question, how long will V be good. V is about the evil of socialism, and since most of hollywood ARE socialist

4) It was AMC first time airing Spaceballs. So it was their preiere...hey it's new to them

5) To make sure the west coast is out of work and at a bar.

6) I will say that the undocumented mexican birds do speak a different language. Seperation will bread difference...isn't that Darwin's first law.

7) Pittsbrugh Pirates

8) if one can see the sun, Passover is not over.

David Potter

Brendon said...

1. Snakes on a Plane.
2. Twinkie ingredients.
3. Next week.
4. It was a premiere for them.
5. So that people on the West Coast can watch, too.
6. No, but they do speak in different accents.
7. New York Mets
8. Since when does the sun set in the east?

Messiah said...

1) Hot Tub Time Machine
2) These are Logo commands, right? Did you just make a right angle?
3) In four more episodes
4) Yes
5) I fell asleep at 8:00 pm last night. I had no idea that game started that late. But I watched the highlights on espn.com this morning, and it was still thrilling.
6) I have no idea, but in my 15 second Google search, I found this about dolphins: "Final Fun Fact: In a very interesting experiment, Dr. KS Norris created a communications link of underwater microphones and receivers between dolphins near Hawaii with those near Florida. He found that dolphins speak the same "language" whether they were born in the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean!"
7) The Philly/KC/Oakland Athletics? The Harlem Globetrotters
8) There have got to be mishnas on this. Because if you say that you should celebrate based on the new place you travel to, then what if you were in San Diego and traveling to Japan -- you could eat bread a day earlier. I think you go based on actual, real-world time since the sundown you started with. That's the only way to be consistent.

Sean said...

Thanks for the responses David, Hand of Godard & Messiah. I really like the answers.

For the questions with actual answers, Messiah is 2 for 2. #2 is the computer program Logo and the A's most 100-win seasons after the Yankees (question #7).