Friday, April 16, 2010

Notes From Anaheim

Did I mention that I went to California last week? No? So I went to Anaheim last week and thought I would share some notes from the trip.

- Although I didn’t visit Disneyland, I did spend time at the Disneyland Drive shops and restaurants area. The television/big screen outside the ESPNZone there had terrible reception. Why have an outdoor screen if it is poor quality? You’d think Disney/ESPN would have the money to fix it.

- I’ve never had a problem adjusting from the Eastern time zone to the Pacific time zone...until this trip. I woke up at 5:20 AM on my first morning and couldn’t fall back asleep.

- Worst way to start a day: Get a hotel wakeup call; realize that the phone next to the bed is broken; walk to the other side of the dark room to stop ringing phone while attempting to dodge luggage on the floor.

- Best way to start the day: Maria Quiban of KTTV Fox 11 Los Angeles's morning show.

- Speaking of local morning newscasts, did you know that both the ABC and FOX stations in DC and LA use the same theme music? I thought local stations had their own music.

- To the guy behind me in the security line at Dulles Airport: Comparing the TSA security screening process with concentration camps is a quick way to end a conversation.

- Message to the Double Tree LAX Shuttle: If you say that you pick up every half hour, you should follow through. I waited well over an hour and made three phone calls to the hotel before a shuttle arrived. After seeing me waiting so long, two shuttle bus drivers from other companies actually stopped their vehicles to ask me if I needed help.

- Bravo to United for airing an episode of Arrested Development during the flight.

- I didn't feel any earthquakes while in California.

Have a good weekend! Let's Go Pens!

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