Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trivia Night

Over the past few months, I have become a regular at Monday night trivia. I am part of an excellent team, which is a good thing since I provide very little in terms of quality answers. Last night, our team finished in second place just one point away from victory. I feel somewhat responsible for our first place loser status since I dissuaded our team from answering a question correctly. The question was something like what woman’s dress sold for over $1.2 million at a 1999 auction, the most expensive auction dress ever. I’ll give the answer in the comments, along with what I said to convince my teammates. If we got that 2-point question correct, we would have won.

Anyway, since I don’t have much else to write today, I thought I would share one of the rounds to see how you can do and if you are worthy to join the team if you happen to be in Bethesda, Maryland on a Monday night.

Find the following “before and after” answers where the last part of the first clue is the first part of the second clue. For example Goldie Hawn character and an author who writes about child rearing would be Private Benjamin Spock.

1. Bengals wide receiver’s nickname and Mexican holiday.
I'll give you help for this one to get you started: Ocho Cinco de Mayo
2. “Peggy Sue” singer and Charmed star.

3. 2005 Best Picture winner and Bull Durham character.

4. Chicago Bulls player and British claymation figures who like cheese.

5. Fertile Broncos running back and Turn of the Screw author.

6. Good Will Hunting star and REM single.

7. 1990 gangster film directed by Coen brothers and Jill Hennessy TV show.

8. NBC comedy with Alec Baldwin and one of the Pillars of Hercules.

9. Original MNF commentator and Today show co-host.

10. Big Midwestern city newspaper and NYC landmark.

Feel free to provide your answers in the comments. Oh, the questions are from Stump Trivia, which runs an excellent trivia game.


Sean said...

The answer was Marilyn Monroe. I thought it was Princess Di. Jackie O was also mentioned as an option. I actually said that Marilyn Monroe would be my third choice.

Messiah said...

Don't undervalue your contributions, my friend. You are the master at interpreting the inter-question musical clues to either come up with or confirm an answer. Also, I was in full agreement with you on the dress thing. Plus, there were a lot of things we screwed up that were responsible for the 1-point loss: Heart of Dixie, early turning-in of Oscars, and my ridiculous decision to bet 6 points on the final question, which we not only were guessing on, but were fairly sure was wrong. There was no reason to bet more than 2 there. We'll get 'em next time, Gadget. Next time!!

Sean said...

Well, since the musical clues are my specialty, I really should have know that General Public sings Tenderness. This week was an odd one in that we missed more questions than usual and still managed to finish in second. I think everyone struggled this week.

Anonymous said...

messy- you and sean live near each other? where the hell have i been?

Messiah said...

We've lived near each other for 5 years, but in DC (probably like NY), if you're in suburbs on opposite sides of the city, you never see each other even if you're close in terms of mileage. Luckily, Sean agrees to travel 20 miles or so to trivia every Monday, whereas I have to trek only about 6.