Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Away From My Office

Perhaps you have heard about John McCain’s relationship, or lack thereof, with lobbyist Vicki Iseman. I personally don’t care about the story and feel like it has already received way more attention that it deserves. I guess sex or the potential of sex sells.

Anyway, when I arrived at work today, I noticed two cameras on tripods outside my building. There was a gentleman crossing the street that I thought they were filming for some strange reason. When I went out for lunch, there were about four or five cameras on the corner. There were two or three cameras at the same place when I went home. It turns out that, apparently, Ms. Iseman works in the building across the street. Therefore, about a half dozen cameras stayed outside the building hoping to get film of Ms. Iseman. I imagine that they were hoping that she would need to buy some medicine at CVS or grab lunch at COSI or California Tortilla. What a thrilling day for these guys to stand in the cold on an Arlington, Virginia corner for 8+ hours! I wonder if they’ll be back on Friday if we get the snowstorm that is expected.

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