Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Car Rental Help

I need some help. My 2007 Hockey Road Trip is quickly approaching, and I recently discovered that renting a car is going to be more expensive than the combined cost of airfare and tickets to three separate games. For some reason, the cost of renting a car at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport and returning it four days later to Detroit airport is astonishing. (I think this has something to do with dropping off the car at a different location.) Anyway, I’m looking for suggestions to rent a car for a reasonable price. If you happen to be a travel agent that can get me a good deal, e-mail me at seanramblings at yahoo [dot] com, and I will be glad to promote you and your business here. (That has to be worth thousands in free advertising!)

Thanks in advance to anyone and everyone for their advice.


Amy said...

Here is a coupon from Hertz on a one-way rental:
Enjoy $15 off Weekend One-Way Rentals with PC# 109432 , or $30 off Weekly One-Way Rentals with a five-day minimum/14-day maximum keep with PC# 109454 . Valid for pick-ups through December 15, 2007, at participating locations in the U.S.

My usual tactic with Hertz is to reserve the lowest end car they have (economy or compact or whatever) if you would be able to live with that. Often you do get a better car just because they have a limited number of economy cars. Also, for one-way rentals, they may give you whatever car they need to actually get from one place to another.

If you email me and let me know your dates of travel, I can see what rates I can find for you (I've often been more successful than my mother-in-law, who was a travel agent).

Vanessa said...

In the future, check CarRentals.co.uk. It usually has some really cheap deals. They've saved me a lot of money before now.

Hope that helps. :)