Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Little Too Far

ABC News had a story the other night about conservative activists threatening a boycott of the American Girl doll. The reason (yes, I'm borrowing most of this from the ABC story): American Girl is having a campaign where proceeds from sales of a wristband (enough with the wristbands already, but that's a different topic) go to Girls Inc. in support of their educational and empowerment programs. Girls Inc. is a wonderful nonprofit organization with its mission of "inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold." However, the conservative groups are upset that the advocacy portion of Girls Inc. supports abortion rights and acceptance of lesbians as part of its Girls' Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights includes some very controversial items (note the sarcasm here) that girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies, express themselves with originality and enthusiasm and to have confidence in themselves. Again, the money from the wristband sales goes to the educational and empowerment programs, not the advocacy part.

Some of these groups have way too much time on their hands. Why is there not more time, effort and money going to helping the poor? A boycott of a kids doll and an organization that helps girls? C'mon.

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