Thursday, July 21, 2005

Empire Today

I really don't know much about the company, but they seem to be taking over the world. I thought they were just a local DC area company that does carpeting and windows. Then, I saw commercials for the company when I was in Pittsburgh and in San Diego. And I can't get the song from the commercial out of my head (singing: "800-588-2-300 Empire" person's voice: "Today"). This is the most catchy phone number since 867-5309. I don't remember a commercial being so and memorable (and a little annoying) since "Don't Say Olds, Say Bendick Olds" and Call Attorney Edgar Snyder at 391-2101, 391-2101.

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Gobo said...

Don't forget "Century 3 - Chevrolet - Lebanon CHurch Road Pittsburgh...minutes from the mall!"

And we've had Empire in the NYC area at least since I moved here in 1997.