Thursday, January 16, 2014

Where Can You Find Cherikee Red?

As a child, I often went to Rhoda's in Squirrel Hill with my aunt and uncle and had matzah ball soup, a hot dog or sandwich and a can of Cherikee Red pop (yes, I said pop). I'm not sure how well these items went together, but I really enjoyed these meals. Anyway, if you're not familiar with Cherikee Red, you're missing out on this cherry pop magical deliciousness. I haven't seen Cherikee Red in years, so I turned to the internet* to see if the product still exists.

Last February, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published an article by Andrew Seder (why is the writer different than all other writers?) titled "Cherikee Red: Rediscovered Soft Drink From Scranton Makes Comeback But Still Is Scarce." Essentially, Cherikee Red's back. All right! However, where can you find this refreshing and probably low-calorie soft drink? There's a Bring Back Cherikee Red Facebook group that shows some businesses that carry Cherikee Red, but this page hasn't been updated in nearly a year. More importantly, I don't see the product carried anywhere outside Pennsylvania.

Here's my challenge to you. If you see Cherikee Red, post a comment here about where you found it. Bonus points if you see Cherikee Red anywhere in the DC area. Maybe I should ask my local Wegmans to carry Cherikee Red.

As a bit of a tangent, the Washington Redskins should really sell Cherikee Red at FedEx Field. Seems like a perfect match.

* Where I quickly discovered that Cherikee Red is Cherikee Red and not Cherokee Red if that makes sense.


Ev said...

I can buy it at my local Giant sometimes here in Baltimore.

Sean said...

Ev - I make it to Baltimore fairly often, so would you mind e-mailing me at seanramblings at yahoo [dot]com to let me know which Giant.

Peter Griffin said...

I went to see my niece I'm Pennsylvania and bought some in a 20oz bottle in Carbondale pa at turkey hill store and also at sure fine grocery store in Clifford pa.

Anonymous said...