Wednesday, November 22, 2023

A Dating Story

I don't really write much about my kids' personal lives because, well, they're personal. Plus, what juicy topics am I going to share about my first and fourth graders? Nothing. While there's really not much to share about my seventh grader either, I'm making an exception today for this story.

For the start of middle school, we agreed to get The Moose a phone since he might need it getting to and from school, or to let us know if he needs to stay after school. While I still believe that he should have a phone with only calling and texting functions, I understand that I lost this battle months ago. Although we try to limit his screen time, and what he can watch and do on his phone, he managed to create a Snapchat account. I don’t think he should have any social media accounts, but the understanding with Snapchat is that his account is set to private. Only his friends can see it.

A few weeks ago, The Moose declared that he had a girlfriend. When pressed about some details of this new relationship, he shared that this was a friend of a classmate of his. She goes to a different school, and he had never met her in person. They only communicated through Snapchat. I clearly don’t understand the middle school dating scene in the 2020s. Gone are the days where you get a phone number, call the house, and then have an awkward conversation with a parent before the person you are trying to call gets on the phone. Anyway, The Moose and his girlfriend never made plans to get together. I'm not sure if they ever talked on the phone.

Recently, The Moose announced that they broke up. I almost spit up the water I was drinking at the kitchen table when he said this trying not to laugh. 

It turns out that she is a Cincinnati Bengals fan and didn’t want to be in a relationship with a Steelers fan. In the name of Kimo von Oelhoffen, I say good riddance! Although The Moose doesn't seem phased by the breakup, I hope his ex-girlfriend looks like this especially this Sunday when the Steelers face the Bengals:

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