Thursday, June 17, 2021

Deadly Dormitory

I spent many years working in student affairs. Therefore, when I saw that there's a film coming out called "Deadly Dormitory," I wanted to see how accurate it is to the college experience. Before even going to the trailer, I learned years ago that dormitory really isn't the proper term for on-campus living. A dormitory is a place for sleep as in being dormant. A residence hall is a more inclusive name for a learning, studying, socializing, and sleeping community. Still, Deadly Dormitory is a much catchier and alliterative name than Ruthless Residence Hall, so I'll give the producers a pass.

Wow! I'm not sure if I even need to see the movie now since the entire plot and conclusion seems to be in the trailer. You're probably wondering, Sean, why are you showing me this when I've never even heard of any of the cast members? The answer is that a friend is in the movie and gave me some juicy gossip about the film. And by juicy gossip, I mean interesting facts.

* The movie was filmed at The University of Oklahoma and though the fictional college is Oldbridge University, Oklahoma didn't allow the film to use the OU logo.

* According to my friend, the cast was incredibly nice. That's disappointing since I really wanted to hear that one of the stars was an Oklahoma State University fan and brawls broke out on the set. Maybe there could have been bedlam!

* The lit up "dorm room" on the top floor in the picture is a converted lounge since they couldn't get all of the film equipment in an actual room. 

* The filming occurred over winter break and the movie struggled to find extras with students away. My friend brought 4 outfits to be 4 different potential characters.

* Congrats to my friend Brian (pictured as a waiter on the left side of this picture) for making his film debut and thanks to him for giving me some blog content today!

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