Thursday, February 13, 2020

Kangaroos Wanted

I love my community message board. Where else could you see a post like this?

Does anyone know of a petting zoo with kangaroos or a rental service with kangaroos for birthday parties?

I mean, sure, requests for kangaroos probably happen all the time in Australia or on websites for zoos. (That’s a thing right?) Not the type of post you typically see in Northern Virginia though.

As always, the fun is in the comments! There are actually a few legitimate responses. Someone suggested a local animal park while someone else shared a kangaroo website. Yes, there is actually kangaroo facility that serves the Washington DC area. Who knew?

Others were appalled by the suggestion.

1. OH NO! That is so cruel. It does not seem so, but is a terrible thing to do to an animal. I can’t believe folks do this sort of things. This must be so traumatic for these guys. All of the noise at parties, travel and handling. There must be something else that would be fun for the kids, but not at the expense of the kangaroo. Just think about it a minute.

2. WHAT? Rental kangaroos is a really, really bad idea

My favorite response, though, was this:

I have a kangaroo, but he’s not for rent.

Does this guy really have a kangaroo or is just messing around? I was able to figure out that he works as an Environmental Scientist, so maybe he does have a kangaroo. Maybe?

What the original poster really should do is contact the executives of The Masked Singer to see if the kangaroo is available.

Another option is to have Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell attend!

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