Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Video: Robyn

Back in 1995, Swedish singer Robyn had two major hits with Do You Know (What It Takes) and Show Me Love. At the time, I didn't know she was Swedish. I actually thought she sounded like she was from Swissvale or maybe Turtle Creek, and you could have easily convinced me that she was a fellow Woodland Hills Wolverine.

Fast-forward to around 2010, and I remember hearing her name pop up in best-of lists. I had no idea, but she remained a major music star in Sweden and Europe. Now, eight years after her last album she’s back with a new album, and it seems to be getting extremely positive reviews. I wouldn’t be surprised if this album also appears on critics’ best albums of 2018 lists.

Despite all this, I still only know her two songs from almost 25 years ago and wanted to share one of them today.

To be fair to Robyn and any Robyn fans who happen to read this and want to criticize me for not following her career, here's one of her latest songs from the Honey album.

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