Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Found In My Basement: Clinton Defeats Bush

I'm attempting to do a major clean-up/organization of boxes I haven't opened in years, which means that I'm bringing back the popular(?) Found In My Basement series. Enjoy my first entry in this series in nearly two years!

In 1992, the city of Pittsburgh did not have a major newspaper. Prior to this, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a morning paper while the Pittsburgh Press came out in the afternoon. The idea of an afternoon paper today seems ludicrous. Anyway, there was a strike by the newspaper delivery truck drivers (I remember that there was a strike; I didn't remember that it was by the truck drivers) that left Pittsburgh without a major newspaper for months. So if you wanted news, you had to watch the local news or the national nightly half-hour newscast on CBS, ABC, or NBC. Perhaps you could check out CNN or get a USA Today though the best bet may have been to pick up a suburban newspaper. You couldn't get news from the internet in 1992, and there weren't 10 stations with 24-hour news coverage.

While I briefly mentioned that there was little to no newspaper coverage of the shooting at my high school, there also wasn't a major Pittsburgh newspaper that covered the 1992 election. Yet, since my dad picked up newspapers of major events (something that I still try to do today), here is the November 4, 1992 edition of McKeesport's The Daily News showing the 1992 election results.

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