Wednesday, September 07, 2016

First Day of School

Tuesday marked the first day of kindergarten for The Moose (my five year old) and first day of preschool for Pedro Tulo (my two year old). Naturally, there was a lot to do in the days and weeks leading up to the start of the school year. For example, while The Moose is pretty good on clothes, we needed to get him double-knit reversible slacks and bell-bottom Brady Bunch trousers. He also asked for Adidas, but we got him Zips. I think he might be worried about his rep, but in my opinion, he's only five, so he doesn't have a rep yet.

So the big news in my world was The Moose getting into the before school child care program. This only happened during the middle of last week, and this makes a huge difference. Instead of waiting with him for the bus to pick him up around 9:00, we can drop him off at school as early as 7:00. The Moose can definitely be shy (especially around us), so as expected, he was a little clingy when I dropped him off. He wanted/needed several hugs and kisses before I was able to get out of the room. As for the day itself, The Moose reported that he had a good day. He knows his teacher's name though he wasn't going to reveal any other information about his day.

Us: Did you have any specials like music or art?
The Moose: (No response.)
Us: What was your favorite part of the day?
The Moose: Everything.

The only thing we know is that he had a good day. We'll hold off on water-boarding to get answers out of him until next week.* The only negative from the day (for us, not him) is that I guess he didn't know that he needs to throw his trash away. After eating his pudding, he put the container back in his lunch bag causing the bag to be covered in the leftover pudding when he got home.

As for Pedro Tulo, he walked into preschool like he owned the place. He sort of does. He was at the school for much of the last two years when we dropped off and picked up his older brother. He knows all of the teachers (even if he doesn't know the names), and they all know him. When my wife dropped him off, he simply said bye mommy. He ate most of his food and did some type of art activity with glue, and amazingly, came home in the same clothes he wore to start the day.

I know that not all days will go as well as the first day, but I'll take this for day one. My little guys are growing up. Now excuse me as it's getting a little dusty here.

* This is a joke. Water-boarding won't happen until first grade.

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