Monday, October 05, 2015

The Jake Arrieta Tweet

On Sunday, Chicago Cubs pitcher and possible 2015 National League Cy Young Award winner Jake Arrieta replied to a Tweet by a parody account.

Naturally, Cubs and Pirates fans went crazy. Cubs fans supported their ace as Pirates fans treated Arrieta as a villain. As a Pirates fan, time to pile on!

Jake - You've had an amazing season. You may even win on Wednesday night. However, do you really need to trash talk? Let's look a little closer.

If you're so good, why are you only making $3,630,000? That may seem like a lot of money (because it is), but that's significantly less than these other Cubs pitchers: Trevor Cahill, Jason Hammel, Dan Haren, Tommy Hunger, Jon Lester, Fernando Rodney, Tsuyoshi Wada and Travis Wood.

Before joining the Cubs in July 2013, you were 20-25 with a 5.46 ERA. That's not good. Any chance you might revert back to your Baltimore Orioles form on Wednesday? (Probably not.)

Let's take a look at your post-season record. Oh, you've never been in the postseason. So all of a sudden you're going to become Madison Bumgarner? First playoff game in your career, and it will be at a rocking PNC Park. You might be a little nervous or over-excited.

Most importantly, look at your jersey. You are on the Chicago Cubs. Are you aware of the team's history? The team's last World Series Championship was in 1908. 1908! Maybe hold off on the trash talk a bit until you do something.

Again, maybe you'll win on Wednesday. The Cubs are favored due to Arrieta's dominance this year. However, act like you've been there before. Act is the key word though since you haven't actually been there before.

Let's Go Bucs!

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