Monday, July 27, 2015

Pizza Security Fee

I'm back from Florida (more on that later) but wanted to share this receipt from the Sbarro at Jacksonville International Airport.

Yes, pizza at Sbarro costs more than the Monroeville Mall location when I was growing up though that's not the point. This post is about the $0.02 JAA Security Fee. Several questions:

1. What does the JAA in JAA Security Fee stand for? The Jacksonville airport code is JAX, so is JAA some sort of secret security alliance?

2. How is this fee used? Is this to ensure the safety of the cheese, sauce and dough?

3. Why $0.02? Does this cost differ based on how much I spend or is this a flat fee?

I'm really tempted to call the number on the receipt to find out these answers but what fun would that be when I can speculate in a blog post!

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JAX Airport said...

Sean, we responded to your post on twitter, but also thought we would answer your questions on the blog.

1. JAA stands for Jacksonville Aviation Authority. JAA manages the 4 airports in Jacksonville. These include Jacksonville International (JAX), Cecil (VQQ), Herlong Recreational (HEG) and Jacksonville Executive at Craig (CRG) Airports.

2: Concessionaires use this fee to pay for non-TSA airport security.

3: The security fee is .003% of the total sale.