Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Links

Here are some great reads to start your week.

My friend Christine moved to South Korea and started writing about her family experiences. Of course, if she moved to North Korea, you wouldn't be able to read about her experiences. [The Adventures of ChrisMichRob in Korea]

On Fathers Day, Josh wrote about his dad, who recently passed away. [Ngewo's World]

On the lighter side, Josh spent all of May posting about his favorite comedians. There are plenty of videos including some that are likely NSFW. [Ngewo's World]

The Travel Channel ranked Pittsburgh in its Top-10 Best All-American Vacations 2014 [Travel Channel]

Ginny had an awesome 40th birthday party that including a celebration with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto & David Conrad. [That's Church]

Valentine wrote an ebook called Achieving Mediocrity. Count me in! [Small-Town Dad]

Your latest first-world problems. I may have added some of the items to this list. [The Steel Trap]

Enjoy this video from last month's Lithuanian A Lyga league game. This is how to celebrate a goal. And yes, the black and gold uniforms are a nice touch. [Deadspin]


Christine said...

Ha ha! Very true, Sean. Thanks for the shout out to my blog.

Sean said...

You're welcome, Christine. I really do enjoy reading your blog!