Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Search For Swiss Miss Butterscotch Pudding

If you started reading this blog at its inception, you probably remember several posts about former West Virginia University basketball player Kevin Pittsnogle. You may also remember my quest to help my dad find the Rice Oriental flavor of Hamburger Helper. Unfortunately, unless there are thousands of boxes stored in nuclear bunkers, it appears that this flavor is now extinct. Meanwhile, there is another grocery product that I haven't seen in years: Swiss Miss Butterscotch Pudding.

This tasty and delightful snack seems to have vanished several years ago. Oh how I miss the butterscotch flavor. I dream of that smooth taste. Excuse me for a few minutes as I imagine a butterscotch world. (You only need to see the first 30 seconds and last 20 seconds of this video.)

Anyway, I need your help. When you go grocery shopping this weekend or anytime in the future, go to the refrigerated pudding section to see if they sell Swiss Miss Classic Butterscotch pudding. If the store sells this perfect product, please leave a comment below. Together, we can find this flavor and make the world a better place.

(Update February 2017 - The video in the original post "is no longer available due to a copyright claim." Problem solved with the new video.)


Amy said...

Looks like they have it at Walmart -

Unknown said...

I'm most confused about why someone would make a 10 minute clip of Homer's dream of the Land of Chocolate.

Sean said...

Thanks Amy! I generally try to avoid Walmart, but according to their website, there is limited availability of this flavor at my local store. I'll keep you (and everyone else) posted.

Sean said...

Aaron - I agree with you. What's the point of the middle 9+ minutes?

Amy said...

I hate Walmart too. If there is something that only they have that I need, I send Rob to get it :) (or I order from, but that doesn't work for food).