Thursday, October 21, 2010

Reading Too Much Into a Wendy's Commercial?

I spent most of Sunday at two different sports bars/restaurants watching football. Therefore, I also watched a lot of commercials including the Wendy's commercial below.

I know the guy started it with the "What do you ladies got there?" comment, but the woman on the right just seems mean. She's like the popular, attractive girl in high school who treats people beneathe her on the social scale like peasants. With red hair, maybe she's Wendy herself.


tecmo said...

what a whore

Sean said...

I try to make this a PG-rated blog, but I was thinking of bitch.

Amy said...

You got something against redheads?

getfreshdesigns said...

She is judging him and will shun him later on.

plus gingers eat souls.